Friday, October 17, 2014

Dillano launches 'Nature Resurgence' Collection for Fashion Savvy Women

Flaunt like the queen Cleopatra and flirt like a blooming nymph with Dillano's 'Nature Resurgence' jewellery collection, the high-end offbeat ensembles are filled with purity and verve of the nature. Depicting the beauty of beaches, woods and colourful creatures, Dillano's 'Nature Resurgence' unfolds the mystery and charm of eternal nature in its timeless gold and diamond jewellery which is vibrant as well as alluring.

'Nature Resurgence' comprises an impressive range of bracelets, rings and earrings. The milky white pearl bracelet with gold elephant heads studded with crystal clear diamonds at ends live-up your celebrations in the upcoming festival season. Another diamond bracelet with blue stone lock can be women’s perfect partner on the soulful beaches of blue seas. Earrings with precious gemstones and well crafted diamond ring in pink are also some of the eye-catching masterpieces from Dillano's beach jewellery range which is absolutely water & weather proof.

Chitwn D. Malhotra - Jewellery Designer and Director of the Dillano said, “Dillano is all about nature and beauty. Nature is full of colours, themes and invaluable creations. For 'Nature Resurgence' I conceived designs and aligned them with fashion trends. We promise to keep every jewel exquisite, exclusive & impeccable.”

Birds and animals too inspired a lot to the creator of ‘Nature Resurgence’. Whether it is multicoloured bird earrings made up of gold, diamonds, pearls and gemstones or lively parrot ring in different mix of shades, the 'Nature Resurgence' her inclination towards the lively creatures of this universe is quite explicit in this new range of the luxury jewellery brand; Dillano. Price starts with Rs. 25,000 onwards for this exclusive range.