Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Winner selected from Delhi City Finale for Big Golden Voice: Season 2

Encouraged by the roaring success of the debut season, India’s leading FM Network 92.7 BIG FM brings the second season of the mega singing talent hunt on radio – BIG Golden Voice – 2. The only radio talent-hunt show that provides a platform to people across the country to showcase their singing talent has just announced its Finale winner out of Delhi. Judged on choice of the song, Sur, Taal, Expressions, overall impact by none other than Malini Awasthi - the face of folk music in India, the winner who came roaring out from the semi-finals from Delhi is Digvijay Singh Parihar.

Digvijay Singh Parihar born and brought up from Ghaziabad, is a graduate from Karorimal college , Delhi University. He used to perform commercially at Pubs, Event, concerts etc .His journey towards music initially started under the teachings of Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Delhi and currebntly with Pandit Rajinder singh, Patiala gharana. In his free time he spreads his talent by teaching music & singing to Kids as well. He was among the semi-finalists of India’s got talents latest season.

His journey for BIG GOLDEN VOICE 2 started when he got to know about the contest from a friend, and felt more interest when he got to know that Folk Singer Malini Awasthi is judging for Delhi city.Digvijay never thought of winning the Delhi City as a winner. But now after winning the same he is delighted because Delhi & Mumbai both the places are big cities and are full of talent. The journey was also very hard because the other contestants were also great performers and singers. He felt honored in performing in front of a star Malini Awasthi and being felicitated from her as a winner from heart of the country – New Delhi.

The singers were all judged on the basis of their choice of song, their rhythm, tunes and the overall impact that they could provide to their respective songs. The finale winner will now go on to compete against other city finalists to get to the national winner. Only 12 semifinalists across the country will be able to make their way to the national platform.  92.7 BIG FM will bring them to Mumbai and allot each contestant a guru. With a 2-day workshop on Sur Saaz and Awaaz with their gurus, these 12 finalists will then compete to take home the coveted title of the next BIG Golden Voice Season 2.

With the promise of showcasing a bigger and better-than-ever season, the show is being conducted across 44 stations of 92.7 BIG FM. With audiences voting for their favorite regional singers and then national, the talent hunt will culminate into a Grand Finale thus identifying the BIG Golden Voice that gets a direct entry into Bollywood!

NID graduates Showcased Their Innovative Collections presented by Sun Jewels at IIJW 14

Extremely talented graduates’ collections from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad was featured by Sun Jewels at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association of P C Jeweller. 

The collections with the many striking entries proved that jewellery designing in India was of a very high level where creators pushed the design envelope.

The six collections of four entries each, presented by the seven students of the Lifestyle Accessory Design section of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad displayed a single element like metal in unique perspectives.

Showing the diverse expressions in metal borrowed from geometric structures, folding techniques, weaving and then moving onto rhythmic undulating forms with layering of old coins, the pieces were breath-taking in their Avant Garde creativity.

From wearable pieces to ornaments that were ideal showstoppers of perfection, the designing was of a very high standard. Coiled metal strips, encouraged the designs to move into presentations of brass pieces, giving the many forms of metal an attractive stylish imagery.


Anantaya symbolised infinite and the everlasting circular forms with rhythmic patterns for the jewellery, which projected harmony in form and technique. Circles were intriguingly entwined to create necklaces, rings, bangles and pendants. The garland neckpiece and the giant raised infinite circular one were stunners.


Unfolding the basic folds in paper, the idea retained the complexity with minor modifications, which gave the pieces a very bold natural effect. Accordion like layers were the basis of the collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings - some were rigid and wrapped around the neck or with 3D effects for rings. A rear shoulder harness and a flat asymmetric neck ornament created a stir on the ramp.


Coins were the centre of the inspiration where layering and multiplying added to the creativity of the pieces in a variety of wearable forms. Putting together the coins in tiered moulds or layered for extra elongated necklaces, some interspersed with chains and another asymmetric teamed with dual rings, the designer created an innovative option for ornaments.


Evoking the tribal look in a contemporary manner, the jewellery had a compelling detail format. A fashionable effect of tornado or swirls in yellow metal strips was created and wound cleverly around the necks and wrists. The tribal inspired graduating stripes for the neck ornaments had one of the entries rising in front on the bodice for added impact.


The look was of a strong independent delicate piece aimed at the modern woman who has substance and elegance but loves the various aspects of beauty. Going for the bronze petal like effect on chains or circles around the neck, as a brooch and an angular cross body harness; the designer brought in an unconventional design element in accessories for the contemporary woman.


Inspired by geometrics and abstract forms, the modular pieces used origami to present an image of strength and beauty. Geometric blocks towered around necks, wrists and ankles while brooches and earrings matched the structures of the theme. The draped shoulder neck piece which gracefully snaked down the body of the model created a stunning entry on the ramp.

Sun Jewels is one of the top jewellery brands known for innovation and exquisite designs; When it comes to jewellery, which is designed by pushing the creative boundaries; then the graduates of the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad scored very highly.

IIJW 2014 is being presented by Nazraana in association with PC Jeweller (PCJ) organized by GJEPC and partnered by Knowledge partner ForeverMark, Lifestyle partner Azva, UB Group and Bright outdoors.

Graduates of The Indian Institute Of Gems And Jewellery, Delhi Presented By PP Jewels Showcased their Amazing Collections

Three graduates from the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Delhi, presented by P P Jewels showcased the sensational collections of at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller.

The Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Delhi has trained thousands of students who have won hundreds of awards at the national and international competitions. The three designers’ collections were mind boggling in creativity and beauty.


Drawing inspiration from nature Rahul Luthra’s brand Ra Abta presented five entries created into gorgeous floral cascades for the beautiful jewellery called “Bridal Stories”. The hand crafted gold and silver pieces ensured that the craftsmanship of our country was kept alive. Using rich sapphires, rubies and tanzanite, along with dazzling diamonds, Rahul’s collection offered women a line of vintage cocktail pieces as well as stunning bridal jewellery. The Kalirey on the wrists with dangling pearls was a delicate entry with matching Raani Haar interspersed with gold spheres, earrings and pearl edged Maang Tikka. The toe-cum-anklet added glamour to the feet while shimmer of lacy diamonds circled the neck of the model.

The bridal wear was designed by Abhinav Mishra to match the beauty of the ornaments.


The floral tones of the collection comprising six entries by Cherry Sahni for her brand Diamondtree were revealed in rose and white gold, set with sparkling diamonds. Concentrating on rings of myriad kinds ranging from full finger shields, to thumb covers and three finger ornaments, triple chained rings; the designer also added hand cuffs worn on the palms to balance the look.

The two polki entries also had necklaces with ornate pendants with golden South Sea pearls with matching contemporary jhumkis. The lapel pins teamed with pearl and carved emeralds was a smart innovation.  The ultra-modern designs of the jewellery can be matched with contemporary western wear so the “Diamondtree” collection by Cherry Sahni was a splendid line that will delight women from all over the globe.


Having a distinct style for her creativity, Sabina Batra’s jewellery was very intricate, bold but utterly feminine.  For the five entries set in gold but using different textures, Sabina dreamt up handmade chains with exotic gems to appeal to the stylish woman.

Striking entry was a ring-cum-bracelet, the coiled necklace with onyx and diamonds, the innovative lacy placket style neckpiece, the chandbalis with jhumkis and matching necklace and the white gold linier neck ornament were entries that demanded attention from the audience.

When it comes to innovative but intricately crafted jewellery then the collections by graduates from the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Delhi presented by P P Jewels will be a great addition in any woman’s jewel box.

Divya Khosla Kumar walked the ramp for PN Gadgil in association with HRD Antwerp at IIJW 14

The P N Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd “Bridal Collection” show in association with HRD Antwerp at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller, was a breath-taking presentation of sublime beauty and creativity.

Creating a medley of diamonds and rubies the company presented “The Bridal Collection” aimed at the New Age woman who wants a hint of tradition with large doses of glitz, glamour and design.

Presenting a crisply edited line of 16 sets, the show opened with delicate leaf design earrings with matching neckpiece. Soon the fragile beauty of the jewellery was seen in the “U” shaped necklace created with mini rings, small jhumkis had pearl drops, slashes of rubies highlighted a round neck ornament and a discreet collar revealed ruby/ diamond/pearl detailing.

Geometrics came in the shape of tiny rectangles for choker, strands of rubies held a prominent diamond centre and fragile filigree design turned the collar into a stunner; but a 3D floral motif was the mesmerising centre of a high choker. To match the jewellery the bangles, rings and earrings were detailed and intricate.

Balgandharva jewellery, Golden Jazz, which is the Italian collection with international styling, Mangalsutra, Royal Jewellery that features historic pieces with polki and jadau setting for heirloom pieces and the Swarajya Maharashtrian collection embellished with thushi, mohanmal, bhudge, saaz inspired by the Peshwai rule.

The Temple Jewellery has the beauty and grace of the Holy ones in gold; while the Wild Gold Tribal art in 22 K gold is inspired by the North-East Indian culture.

The Silver collection is beautifully crafted in modern contemporary designs, the Dazzling Diamond line of exotic jewellery has a modern twist and the Ashirwad collection comprises bangles, anklets, armlets and Haath Phool.

Director/actor Divya Khosla stopped the show with her electrifying entry wearing a grand three-strand pearl necklace and a diamond choker, lace cuffs and rings.

The fabulous maroon, black and purple line of floor skimming gowns worn by the models were a perfect complement for the jewellery and were designed by Manali Jagtap.

Taking a bow on the ramp were Saurabh Vidyadhar Gadgil, Managing Director, P N Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd, Serge Courvreur, CEO, HRD Antwerp, Divya Khosla and Manali Jagtap after a great presentation.

With an annual turnover of Rs 2000 crores and 1200 employees the Gadgil Empire is now under the able direction of Saurabh Vidyadhar Gadgil, Managing Director. The portfolio of the P N Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd has ten superb brands.

The name P N Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd has a formidable reputation in Pune since the company started in 1832 in Sangli, when Ganesh Narayan Gadgil created the “Purushottam Narayan Gadgil and Co.”

In 1958 Shri Dajikaka Gadgil took the brand into new territories with ten stores in Maharashtra including Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Thane and Vile Parle, Mumbai. The brand also opened in the USA thereby creating a global presence.

HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemmology started in Antwerp in 1976 and in India in 2007, offers a wide range of services and equipment for the diamond and jewellery professionals as well as for the gemstones and jewellery buying public.

For unforgettable jewellery which will turn into heirlooms, “The Bridal Collection” by P N Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd had the perfect fashionable requirements.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ganjam Unveiled a Sensational Collection that hypnotized the Audience at IIJW 14

The Ganjam story has history, beauty, design and grandeur where jewellery is concerned and the brand unveiled sensational ornaments at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller.

The Ganjam heritage jewellery has always been crafted in 22 carat gold and dazzles with rubies, emeralds and top quality diamonds with attention to details, designs and finish being the hallmark of the brand.


Opening the show with the Heritage collection which is jewellery from South India and Ganjam’s forté, the show revealed the intricate craftsmanship that the brand is renowned for. Using 22 K gold with shimmering rubies, emeralds and the superb diamonds, there were traditional Haars, coloured pearls with asymmetric pendant, flat gold necklaces and an assortment of round and triangular jhumkis, bangles and rings.


For Indian and western options the “Chestnut Leaf” collection was inspired by the short stemmed oblong leaves of the Chestnut trees. Bringing in an asymmetric touch, the leaf clusters resembled the open hand with lobes radiating up to 5-9 linear leaflets. Clusters of diamonds highlighted the jewellery to create three dimensional forms of hand crafted organic leafs with textured vein details using fancy pear cut and round diamonds. Draped necklace had twinkling diamonds, emerald cocktail rings flashed brilliantly under the ramp lights and looped necklaces with glistening diamonds held the attention of the audience.


Recreating the beautiful colours of flowers with intricate layering of petals; the jewellery was studded with precious and semi-precious coloured gemstones and white diamonds. Created in yellow and white gold the collection had strategically placed diamonds, which created an ethereal delicate collection that will appeal to the very feminine lover of ornaments.


The lovely bridal hair ornament was inspired by the entwined forms of nature and created for the Swarovski Gem Vision 2015 the “Bridal Book”. Presented in gold it was an artistic vision for design and technique.


This was a beautiful geometric piece which had the star and lotus design to create an arabesque infinite movement of balance harmony and symmetry designed for Swarovski Gem Vision 2013.


The gorgeous showstopper Sagarika Ghatge made a stunning entrance wearing the piece-de-résistance of the show. It was the exquisite neckpiece “Mayuratna” designed with 15 drop shaped Zambian emeralds weighing 243 carats along with white brilliant cut and pear cut diamonds weighing 80.80 carats. This master piece took nine months to create as the design included baskets for the diamonds that were carefully crafted. The emerald caps had to be perfectly adjusted and the peacock design at the rear was the ideal balance for the emeralds and diamonds.

The lovely muted ethereal saris for the collection were created by ace designer, Anavila Misra known for her exquisite handcrafted textiles.

Assistant jewellery designer Juhee Bolakhe of Ganjam walked the ramp with Sagarika Ghatge to acknowledge the applause from the audience.

For jewellery that combines heritage, traditional touches with superb craftsmanship, finish and design, Ganjam is the magnificent name women will trust.

IIJW 2014 is being presented by Nazraana in association with PC Jeweller (PCJ)and partnered by Azva by World Gold Council, ForeverMark and UB Group.

Indo Western Collection by Designer Pooja Sabharwal

Inspired by regal Indian Silhouettes, designer Pooja Sabharwal's new collection is reminiscent of the traditional Indian with contemporary twist. Raw silks, Georgette, sequined and cut work fabrics with pearl and dabka work, and the variety to choose from is never ending.

The colour palette was brightly festive, restrained through the use of all colurs. Thread work and motifs borrowed from traditional textiles had been given a twist by mixing and matching. There had been a generous use of sequins and pearls.   

The silhouettes were ethno – futuristic - traditional Indian silhouettes had been contrasted with Avant Garde drapes, which in turn emulated the drapes of Indian saris, creating an interesting cross current of form. Traditional A - line and tent shapes had been merged with slimed and restrained volume in the lower torso. The collection also flaunted fair amount of structured jackets, which were layered with Kalidar (paneled) inners and flared Palazzos.

Tarot Card Reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya- August 2014

Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Ace of swords, death, Knight of Pentacles

This is a month of transformation for you. You may feel that things are ending for you but this ending will lead you towards a new beginning. This is not a good time for investment of any kind. Hold your decisions for a while of putting huge money anywhere. You are a good team leader but somewhere you have lost the soft touch with your team members and you have started almost dominating them. You need to slow down and work together with people rather than ordering them, working together will bring success to you. This is also a good time to sort out your relationship issues, take a step forward and show your willingness for improvement, you will see things falling on the right track for you and happiness will follow you. As per your health is concern, its more your mind then your body which is creating problems, you need to calm down a little, some pranayam or yoga can really help you in this time.


Empress, Hermit, 2 of Pentacles
You are very comfortable with your surroundings and this comfort zone has made you habitual of relaxing. You need to come out of your comfort zone and struggle more as more opportunities are waiting for you outside. Taking advice from elders is always useful, this time if you consult some elder who is also spiritually inclined, then you might find the right path towards success and peace together. You might require a lot of multi tasking this month as your work place and your family will need you equally, so you need to manage your time accordingly. Any investment done in past is going to repay you abundantly and you may suddenly feel an extra flow of money. You have been very careless about your health these days, this is not a good practice, you need to be cautious about your health now. If you face any problem, don’t take it lightly, seek a medical advice immediately.

Strength, 8 of wands, Ace of Pentacles

In the beginning of this month you may feel stagnated as things may not move the way you expected. You may feel situations are going out of your hands but do not give up, your will power is the most important thing right now for you, use your will power and plan a strategy towards your work and you will surely find a way out towards success. If you are looking for a life partner, you may meet the right one towards the middle of this month. Do not take fast decisions, go with the flow. Everything will fall at the right place by the end of this month. You need to be careful on your eating habit, wrong food may bring fatigue and sickness for you, so think and be sure what you are eating, it will be a good idea to make a diet chart and carry it along so that you eat only right and healthy food.


2 of cups, tower, Ace of Wands
This month you need to work on your relationships more than any other aspect of your life. Give time to your partner and try to understand him/her. You have been very busy with your work and have been over looking on your relationship. Now this is the time to put your energy into your own people and make them happy. It will be good to plan a holiday with your family and spend some quality time with them. Bey the end of this month you may get a new work opportunity. If you are in job it can be a new job opportunity and if you are in business you might get through a very good project which will lead towards a huge success. Over all this month will bring happiness in all aspects of your life. There are chances of meeting with your soul mate this month, if you are still single.

Sun, 9 of Pentacles, 7 of pentacles

New beginnings are on your way. Divine energies are supporting you this month. There will be a lot of opportunities coming on your way and most of them are going to be very beneficial. There are financial profits also coming in your cards, there can be a very good flow of money coming to you. At the same time there are chances that you overspend on your friends and family and end up finishing your savings, so keep your hand tight on your spending. Your family and friends are going to support you in your decisions of venturing into new projects and there support and your enthusiasm will take you towards the new heights of success. With so much happening in your career and your personal life, don't get careless on your health, take care of yourself. Increase your intake of liquids including water, which will help you detoxify your body and mind.


3 of Pentacles, 4 of wands, 6 of cups
Team work is your strength this month, guide and work with your team members every moment to get the best results of your work. Long awaited results of your work are going to come with some good news for you, so keep following up your pending payments and you will see them materializing very soon. If you are looking for life partner, this is a good month for you, marriage is on the cards. You may finalize the dates for your marriage or you may finally decide convert your existing relationship into matrimonial knot. Either ways it will bring lots of happiness and celebrations for you and your family. You will also like to spend some good time with your old friends and buddies. You may receive a big surprise in a shape of a gift or a good news from your own family members.

Page of swords, Fool, 8 of Pentacles

This month you need to be very careful on your important decisions, any hurry or a fast decision may lead towards problems and blockages for you. You need to take life little lightly and go with the flow. Situations will change with its own pace and fighting with your own destiny will not bring any good for you. You belief in yourself and the higher self will help you to sail through this time. Things will improve by the time you touch the last week of this month. You will find some good opportunity coming which will lead towards peace and success for you. You need to be careful on trusting people, not all people who communicate with you sweetly will end up as a supporter, so trust only your own capabilities and do not depend on others, especially when it comes to your work.

2 of wands, 3 of swords, 4 of pentacles

You have been balancing things recently and trying to make up with your partner but this is the time to take a decision of being on one side. You may decide to walk out of a relationship as you have already tried enough to make it better. This decision might shake you up for a while and you may feel as if you have lost interest in everything but this is not the end, you need to again balance yourself and go ahead. Else this will also affect other aspects of your life like career and your other family members. Try spending some time with your parents and elders, this will make them happy and will help you to come out of your emotional unstability. Your health cards are also not very supportive this month, you may have to take some off from your work to rest and relax.

5 of wands, High Priestess, King of Pentacles

There are lots of people around you who are trying to compete with you and give you hard time at your work place. Concentrate on your work and your outputs will prove you best out of these little competitors. This time you need to listen to your inner voice rather than listening to the people around you, your own instincts and intuitions will take you the right path of success, so trust yourself. You may get into a new relationship which eventually will turn into a life time relationship. You may spend quite a time with this new partner and will feel very happy and contented. You have been careless on your physical workouts these days, this is time when you need to be working out and taking care of your health, even a morning walk will be better than not doing anything and sitting at home.

Star, Page of Pentacles, King of wands

month will begin with a good news for you. You may get an unexpected gift or news which will bring lot of happiness for you and your family. If you are thinking or planning of doing some training to enhance your skills, this is the right time to go ahead. This new knowledge with take you to the new heights of your career. You have been very logical in your relationship with your friends and family, this is the time improve yourself and put some feelings and emotions to people. Spending some quality time with your family members will be a very good idea. Take care of your elders as someone may need more of your attention and care. There can be health issues with one of your family member, which will require more of your energy time and care.

Emperor, 7 of cups, 4 of cups

You have been fulfilling your responsibilities like a machine off late. You need a break this month for your own self. Go alone somewhere near the nature and spend some time with your own self, try to understand your own wants and needs. You may be carrying a relationship just for the sake of family and society, you may realize that you need to take a decision on this now and you may walk out of a relationship. Losing interest in work will worsen you situation. Meditation may help you to concentrate on your work. Taking advice from your friends can be a good idea before you take any harsh decision. You may counter head ache issues, don't take any discomfort lightly and seek medical advice if headaches increase.

King of cups, Hierophant, queen of cups

You know how to handle people and get good results, this works for you at your work place and home equally but now is the time you need to change a bit and listen to others too rather than telling what is to be done. Following rules and regulations in your life is a good idea but you can’t make your own people follow the same. You need to sit with your family or your team and make some new rules for which everyone is mutually agreeing, to make situation loving and happy for you and others around you. Taking your team member for an informal outing can also give you good results. There is marriage on the cards for you, if you are looking for the life partner. You may decide for the right one for you this month.

For more information, log on to www.indiatarot.com, E-mail- madhu@indiatarot.com, M- 9873283331

Dipti-Amisha Showcased An Unbelievable Regal Collection Of Dazzling Jewellery at IIJW 14

Inspired by the beauty and romance of the royal Victorian era, Dipti-Amisha showcased their collection called “Reset the Mindset” at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller.

The show opened with Bollywood star, Amyra Dastur modelling a sensational Raani Haar/choker in gold with stunning Jhumkhas and kadas.

The designing duo’s motto has always been “Treasure beyond Measure” and “Key to Success is to Exceed Expectation” whenever they created their amazing jewellery. The collection was a hypnotising offering of beauty in classic gold with accents on colour, cut and diamonds that combined the fire of rubies, the brilliance of amethysts, the ethereal sea green of luxurious emeralds and the purity of pearls on a background of shimmering gold.

The designing pair offered jewellery that could move effortlessly from work to daywear and from evening to midnight glamour. Ideal as glamorous ornaments for western as well as Indian wear, the designers ensured that the pieces had unlimited global appeal.

Coloured stones fanned out for a pendant and white diamonds nestled in a bed of yellow/gold for chunky necklace. A circular medallion was imbedded in a trellis base to form the centre of a chain and a garland of precious stones for the neck was an enthralling item while emeralds with tassels centred a neck piece.

The exquisite offering had a marked influence of high class royalty as well as dramatic romantic touches. White and yellow gold played effortlessly with precious stones, gold balls, Vilandis and textures as current trends in jewellery designs worked gracefully with timeless inspirations.

Mikita Javeri, Dipti’s daughter made a pleasing appearance on the ramp with Amyra Dastur.

 Bollywood’s “Mast Mast” girl Raveena Tandon ended the show looking ravishing in emerald chains, a diamonds/rubies/gold choker, kada, chandbalis and statement rings.

To match the beauty of the jewellery, the elegant garments were dreamt up by Amisha who is a trained fashion designer and created the perfect collection.

Dipti-Amisha’s collection of dramatic ornaments undoubtedly “Reset the Mindset” for jewellery lovers at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller.

 IIJW 2014 is being presented by Nazraana in association with PC Jeweller (PCJ)and partnered by Azva by World Gold Council, ForeverMark and UB Group.

Swarovski Gemstones Showcased the Brides of India - Collection of Great Beauty at IIJW

Offering fabulous jewellery to the fashion conscious woman for several decades the world leading brand, Swarovski has had a beautifully balanced collection of genuine gemstones and created stones since 1965

The ballroom of the Grand Hyatt was turned into a marriage Mandap with dozens of marigold streamers hanging from the ceiling. The ramp edged with a border of marigolds, set the stage for a mega wedding celebrations which featured brides from around the country.

The Swarovski Gemstones Gemvisions – “The Brides of India” collection at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller; was a mind blowing mélange of genuine sapphires, topazes, rhodolites, peridots, amethysts, citrines, black spinels, marcasites, zirconia and synthetic stones all perfectly crafted. The colour, dazzle, brilliance and cut of the stones were a joy to behold on the catwalk as the models sashayed down.

From Punjab it was beautiful Simran Kaur Mundi, Miss India who looked stunning in a diamond set with cuffs and rows of bangles from Sangam Jewels N Gold.

Prachi Mishra, Miss India was the Maharashtrian bride who modelled a splendid Raani Haar in pearls and gold from Gunjan Jewels and Tara Jewels.

The Gujarati bride, Pooja Chopra, Miss India was decked in a gold flat trellised collar, earrings, bangles and rings from Tanishq.

The South Indian bride, Amruta Patki looked lovely in a diamond Haar from Emerald Jewel Industry and Ganjam.

The bride from Bengal, Natasha Suri, Miss India added glamour to a ruby and diamond set from Diosa by Darshan Dave.

The Christian bride, Manasi Moghe glided down the ramp in all white wearing a lacy diamond set from Farah Khan Fine Jewellery.

Zoya Afroz, Miss India made a delightful Muslim bride when she wore jewellery by Swarnmandir.Finally the gorgeous Bollywood showstopper, Zarin Khan stepped out of an ornate palanquin, dressed as a Rajasthani bride decked in an amazing giant neckpiece featuring a tableau from Mahi, Sangam Jewels N Gold, Swarnmandir and Kundan Jewels.

Aimed at the bridal couple and their family, the jewellery comprised rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for the engagement and wedding functions.

Also featured was fabulous jewellery for each segment from Surya Golds, Diosa by Darshan Dave, Karwar Ornaments, Jewel Creations, Delhi Chains, Poonam Jeweldiam, Bhindi Manufacturers, Kundan Jewellers, RKR Gold, Sangam Jewels N Gold, Raj Jewellers, Jewels by Queenie, and ORO by Raia Jewels.

Swarovski presented the popular trends Daydream Princess, Natural Affairs, Urban Minimalist and Cultural Roots that will appeal to lovers of fine jewels.

To match the beauty of the bridal collection the garments were designed by top designer Archana Kochhar.

Ending the bridal celebrations on the stage after a fabulous show Mr Kurt Zbinden, VP, Operations, Asia Pacific and Mr Rajendra Jain, MD, India Swarovski Gemstones walked the ramp with the gorgeous Zarin Khan to acknowledge the thunderous applause from the audience.

For the most important event in their lives, bridal couples will adore Swarovski’s Gemvisions – “The Brides of India Collection” for its timeless splendour and beauty.

IIJW 2014 is being presented by Nazraana in association with PC Jeweller (PCJ)and partnered by Azva by World Gold Council, ForeverMark and UB Group.