Saturday, October 17, 2015

For The Success of The Film “Love Exchange”!

Before the release of the film “Love Exchange”, Mata Ki Chowki, a religious get together was hosted by the team of the film “Love Exchange” to seek blessings from Devi maa.  

Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor- the punj
abi family in the film “Love Exchange” came together under one roof to offer prayers to Devi Maa to bestow her blessings on the film.

Mata ki chowki saw the presence of the cast and they all did enjoy garba too.

The idol of Devi Maa, the cynosure of all eyes, radiated beauty and calm. Singers of the film  with a few visiting singers ensured a lively evening for all with their soothing bhajans and musical play.

There was commendable participation from devotees of all ages. The heavenly Friday special aarti was a truly significant experience. The day ended with delicious Mahaprasad. Jai Maa Ambe!

Director of The Film- Raj. V. Shetty Says:- “The blessings of Maa Shakti are taken to protect you from the evil forces and give strength to sail smoothly through the rough course of life. This ceremony will be performed to receive blessings by her divine powers and get one’s wishes fulfilled”