Sunday, July 27, 2014

Milan & London qualified designer duo to launch creative Indo-western label: Saipri

The world recognizes and loves a woman who dresses well- the one who stands out of the crowd. It’s not necessary for her to dress in expensive costumes but she should be the one who dresses well and looks neat. If you are the one who care about the way you look, out is a new fashion label waiting for you: Saipri.

Most designers play out their fantasies in their collections but qualified and dynamic designer duo Sayesha and Princy have purely focused on what today’s women want. In haute couture such single-minded focus requires guts and conviction. Both designers have travelled extensively, exposed and qualified in London and Milan to give a blend of sophistication, exclusivity and rich comfortable designs for the women of substance.

“We are very proud to bring you our unique fashion concept combining the ethnic flavors of Indian monarchy with the trends and changing styles of the western barons”, duo designer reveals.

Further they quip, “The collection of gowns, evening wears are ornate and very modern, with captivating works in elegant colors. The collection will be launched on August 9, 2014 in an exhilarating event in Delhi that will be attended by Bollywood celebrities, leading socialites and of course media.”

The designer duo Sayesha and Princy believe that style and fashion must enhance the personality of the wearer. They state that: “It’s the wearer who makes the clothes and not the other way round. It is the clothes that must fit the wearer’s personality.”