Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Delhi to witness India’s First original English Musical Theatre

Delhi is all set to witness India’s first original English Musical Theatre, “ 7 Days to Wonderland”, from 30th Jan to 1st Feb, 2014 at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi.

India’s very own Broadway, the play fits perfect for family entertainment and is original in every way, script, dialogue, music, sets, etc.

Theatre lovers and lovers of theatre to be, eat your heart out this will be an experience that will never be forgotten or witnessed before.  With 22 Sets Changes, 36 Costume Changes, 12 original pieces of music and live singing by actors on stage.

Dhruv Sachdeva director and script writer of the play said we have put in lot of efforts in bringing our the best in theatre. We auditioned more than 4,500 students from different schools in and around Delhi to find the right talent.  We plan to do 100 shows every year all over India and travel overseas to Singapore & London, adds the confident and optimistic Director.

 “7 Days to Wonderland” is a 90 minutes theatre fantastic, magical, musical odyssey about the audacity of hope that is guaranteed to change our perception of life. The audience journeys down a cobbled Imaginarium with the characters as they take you through a thrilling & adventurous journey to Wonderland - where make belief becomes bigger than life itself! With its heart-warming music, splendid sets, onstage illusions, lights and costumes, the show will leave audiences of all age groups mesmerized.