Thursday, January 30, 2014

Varun Dhawan, spends the day with Breakfast to Dinner

This week, UTV Stars' Breakfast to Dinner brings to its viewers the dashing star who in spite of being a new kid on the block, is definitely going places - Varun Dhawan. The star kid who proved his mettle in his debut film, shares a slice of his life with the viewers as he talks about himself, his work and all that is dear to him.

The super energetic actor starts off his day with a healthy breakfast after which he heads for the gym. "I am a morning person," says the actor as he gets ready to pump some iron. Varun confesses that he enjoys working out at the gym; which is a good thing, as the actor is going to have to bulk up for his upcoming movie, Main Tera Hero. The actor reveals that in the movie he will be sporting washboard abs and in order to achieve that, rigorous workout is a must. After the gym session, he takes the viewers on a stroll in his magnificent home where he talks about himself and what makes him a happy go lucky guy. This down to earth actor likes keeping people around him happy and maintains that talking about strains and struggles is just not the Varun Dhawan way.

After the tour of his palatial home, Varun now heads out of doors to his first commitment of the day. The actor needs to be at a poster shoot for his upcoming film. He pops into a rickshaw as soon as he gets out of his house and that is how he arrives at the studio! It is all work at the studio where Varun is busy with the photo shoot involving a swanky bike. Varun, being a bike lover, ends the episode on a high note as he takes a short spin on the bike. The actor took on the wheels despite being forbid by his parents from riding one. Well, that's Varun Dhawan for you, spunky, unapologetic and upbeat.

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