Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aouraa Production associates with RDB, Sunil Grover, Anushka Manchanda to entertain audiences

Aouraa Production, one of India’s Celebrity and Event Management Company, in its mission to achieve new milestones in Entertainment Industry has associated with famous band RDB along with Gutthi (Mr. Sunil Grover) and one of the most talented DJ Kiran Kamath and VJ Anushka Manchanda as a booking manager exclusively around the world

In addition to these artists, the company is handling many Bollywood Singers, Punjabi Singers, Group Dancers, Solo Indian Idol Singers plus we take care of Movie Promotions, Video Production and many more.

Aouraa Production has years of experience in successful planning and execution of various events and has entertained a large number of audiences across the country for last many years.

Aouraa Production is a New Delhi based Celebrity and Event Management company with years of experience behind. The company is pioneer in providing various creative solutions to any problem and resolves them to make the event at the top of the ladder.

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