Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ganjam Unveiled a Sensational Collection that hypnotized the Audience at IIJW 14

The Ganjam story has history, beauty, design and grandeur where jewellery is concerned and the brand unveiled sensational ornaments at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller.

The Ganjam heritage jewellery has always been crafted in 22 carat gold and dazzles with rubies, emeralds and top quality diamonds with attention to details, designs and finish being the hallmark of the brand.


Opening the show with the Heritage collection which is jewellery from South India and Ganjam’s forté, the show revealed the intricate craftsmanship that the brand is renowned for. Using 22 K gold with shimmering rubies, emeralds and the superb diamonds, there were traditional Haars, coloured pearls with asymmetric pendant, flat gold necklaces and an assortment of round and triangular jhumkis, bangles and rings.


For Indian and western options the “Chestnut Leaf” collection was inspired by the short stemmed oblong leaves of the Chestnut trees. Bringing in an asymmetric touch, the leaf clusters resembled the open hand with lobes radiating up to 5-9 linear leaflets. Clusters of diamonds highlighted the jewellery to create three dimensional forms of hand crafted organic leafs with textured vein details using fancy pear cut and round diamonds. Draped necklace had twinkling diamonds, emerald cocktail rings flashed brilliantly under the ramp lights and looped necklaces with glistening diamonds held the attention of the audience.


Recreating the beautiful colours of flowers with intricate layering of petals; the jewellery was studded with precious and semi-precious coloured gemstones and white diamonds. Created in yellow and white gold the collection had strategically placed diamonds, which created an ethereal delicate collection that will appeal to the very feminine lover of ornaments.


The lovely bridal hair ornament was inspired by the entwined forms of nature and created for the Swarovski Gem Vision 2015 the “Bridal Book”. Presented in gold it was an artistic vision for design and technique.


This was a beautiful geometric piece which had the star and lotus design to create an arabesque infinite movement of balance harmony and symmetry designed for Swarovski Gem Vision 2013.


The gorgeous showstopper Sagarika Ghatge made a stunning entrance wearing the piece-de-résistance of the show. It was the exquisite neckpiece “Mayuratna” designed with 15 drop shaped Zambian emeralds weighing 243 carats along with white brilliant cut and pear cut diamonds weighing 80.80 carats. This master piece took nine months to create as the design included baskets for the diamonds that were carefully crafted. The emerald caps had to be perfectly adjusted and the peacock design at the rear was the ideal balance for the emeralds and diamonds.

The lovely muted ethereal saris for the collection were created by ace designer, Anavila Misra known for her exquisite handcrafted textiles.

Assistant jewellery designer Juhee Bolakhe of Ganjam walked the ramp with Sagarika Ghatge to acknowledge the applause from the audience.

For jewellery that combines heritage, traditional touches with superb craftsmanship, finish and design, Ganjam is the magnificent name women will trust.

IIJW 2014 is being presented by Nazraana in association with PC Jeweller (PCJ)and partnered by Azva by World Gold Council, ForeverMark and UB Group.