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Tarot Card Reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya- August 2014

Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Ace of swords, death, Knight of Pentacles

This is a month of transformation for you. You may feel that things are ending for you but this ending will lead you towards a new beginning. This is not a good time for investment of any kind. Hold your decisions for a while of putting huge money anywhere. You are a good team leader but somewhere you have lost the soft touch with your team members and you have started almost dominating them. You need to slow down and work together with people rather than ordering them, working together will bring success to you. This is also a good time to sort out your relationship issues, take a step forward and show your willingness for improvement, you will see things falling on the right track for you and happiness will follow you. As per your health is concern, its more your mind then your body which is creating problems, you need to calm down a little, some pranayam or yoga can really help you in this time.


Empress, Hermit, 2 of Pentacles
You are very comfortable with your surroundings and this comfort zone has made you habitual of relaxing. You need to come out of your comfort zone and struggle more as more opportunities are waiting for you outside. Taking advice from elders is always useful, this time if you consult some elder who is also spiritually inclined, then you might find the right path towards success and peace together. You might require a lot of multi tasking this month as your work place and your family will need you equally, so you need to manage your time accordingly. Any investment done in past is going to repay you abundantly and you may suddenly feel an extra flow of money. You have been very careless about your health these days, this is not a good practice, you need to be cautious about your health now. If you face any problem, don’t take it lightly, seek a medical advice immediately.

Strength, 8 of wands, Ace of Pentacles

In the beginning of this month you may feel stagnated as things may not move the way you expected. You may feel situations are going out of your hands but do not give up, your will power is the most important thing right now for you, use your will power and plan a strategy towards your work and you will surely find a way out towards success. If you are looking for a life partner, you may meet the right one towards the middle of this month. Do not take fast decisions, go with the flow. Everything will fall at the right place by the end of this month. You need to be careful on your eating habit, wrong food may bring fatigue and sickness for you, so think and be sure what you are eating, it will be a good idea to make a diet chart and carry it along so that you eat only right and healthy food.


2 of cups, tower, Ace of Wands
This month you need to work on your relationships more than any other aspect of your life. Give time to your partner and try to understand him/her. You have been very busy with your work and have been over looking on your relationship. Now this is the time to put your energy into your own people and make them happy. It will be good to plan a holiday with your family and spend some quality time with them. Bey the end of this month you may get a new work opportunity. If you are in job it can be a new job opportunity and if you are in business you might get through a very good project which will lead towards a huge success. Over all this month will bring happiness in all aspects of your life. There are chances of meeting with your soul mate this month, if you are still single.

Sun, 9 of Pentacles, 7 of pentacles

New beginnings are on your way. Divine energies are supporting you this month. There will be a lot of opportunities coming on your way and most of them are going to be very beneficial. There are financial profits also coming in your cards, there can be a very good flow of money coming to you. At the same time there are chances that you overspend on your friends and family and end up finishing your savings, so keep your hand tight on your spending. Your family and friends are going to support you in your decisions of venturing into new projects and there support and your enthusiasm will take you towards the new heights of success. With so much happening in your career and your personal life, don't get careless on your health, take care of yourself. Increase your intake of liquids including water, which will help you detoxify your body and mind.


3 of Pentacles, 4 of wands, 6 of cups
Team work is your strength this month, guide and work with your team members every moment to get the best results of your work. Long awaited results of your work are going to come with some good news for you, so keep following up your pending payments and you will see them materializing very soon. If you are looking for life partner, this is a good month for you, marriage is on the cards. You may finalize the dates for your marriage or you may finally decide convert your existing relationship into matrimonial knot. Either ways it will bring lots of happiness and celebrations for you and your family. You will also like to spend some good time with your old friends and buddies. You may receive a big surprise in a shape of a gift or a good news from your own family members.

Page of swords, Fool, 8 of Pentacles

This month you need to be very careful on your important decisions, any hurry or a fast decision may lead towards problems and blockages for you. You need to take life little lightly and go with the flow. Situations will change with its own pace and fighting with your own destiny will not bring any good for you. You belief in yourself and the higher self will help you to sail through this time. Things will improve by the time you touch the last week of this month. You will find some good opportunity coming which will lead towards peace and success for you. You need to be careful on trusting people, not all people who communicate with you sweetly will end up as a supporter, so trust only your own capabilities and do not depend on others, especially when it comes to your work.

2 of wands, 3 of swords, 4 of pentacles

You have been balancing things recently and trying to make up with your partner but this is the time to take a decision of being on one side. You may decide to walk out of a relationship as you have already tried enough to make it better. This decision might shake you up for a while and you may feel as if you have lost interest in everything but this is not the end, you need to again balance yourself and go ahead. Else this will also affect other aspects of your life like career and your other family members. Try spending some time with your parents and elders, this will make them happy and will help you to come out of your emotional unstability. Your health cards are also not very supportive this month, you may have to take some off from your work to rest and relax.

5 of wands, High Priestess, King of Pentacles

There are lots of people around you who are trying to compete with you and give you hard time at your work place. Concentrate on your work and your outputs will prove you best out of these little competitors. This time you need to listen to your inner voice rather than listening to the people around you, your own instincts and intuitions will take you the right path of success, so trust yourself. You may get into a new relationship which eventually will turn into a life time relationship. You may spend quite a time with this new partner and will feel very happy and contented. You have been careless on your physical workouts these days, this is time when you need to be working out and taking care of your health, even a morning walk will be better than not doing anything and sitting at home.

Star, Page of Pentacles, King of wands

month will begin with a good news for you. You may get an unexpected gift or news which will bring lot of happiness for you and your family. If you are thinking or planning of doing some training to enhance your skills, this is the right time to go ahead. This new knowledge with take you to the new heights of your career. You have been very logical in your relationship with your friends and family, this is the time improve yourself and put some feelings and emotions to people. Spending some quality time with your family members will be a very good idea. Take care of your elders as someone may need more of your attention and care. There can be health issues with one of your family member, which will require more of your energy time and care.

Emperor, 7 of cups, 4 of cups

You have been fulfilling your responsibilities like a machine off late. You need a break this month for your own self. Go alone somewhere near the nature and spend some time with your own self, try to understand your own wants and needs. You may be carrying a relationship just for the sake of family and society, you may realize that you need to take a decision on this now and you may walk out of a relationship. Losing interest in work will worsen you situation. Meditation may help you to concentrate on your work. Taking advice from your friends can be a good idea before you take any harsh decision. You may counter head ache issues, don't take any discomfort lightly and seek medical advice if headaches increase.

King of cups, Hierophant, queen of cups

You know how to handle people and get good results, this works for you at your work place and home equally but now is the time you need to change a bit and listen to others too rather than telling what is to be done. Following rules and regulations in your life is a good idea but you can’t make your own people follow the same. You need to sit with your family or your team and make some new rules for which everyone is mutually agreeing, to make situation loving and happy for you and others around you. Taking your team member for an informal outing can also give you good results. There is marriage on the cards for you, if you are looking for the life partner. You may decide for the right one for you this month.

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