Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NID graduates Showcased Their Innovative Collections presented by Sun Jewels at IIJW 14

Extremely talented graduates’ collections from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad was featured by Sun Jewels at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association of P C Jeweller. 

The collections with the many striking entries proved that jewellery designing in India was of a very high level where creators pushed the design envelope.

The six collections of four entries each, presented by the seven students of the Lifestyle Accessory Design section of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad displayed a single element like metal in unique perspectives.

Showing the diverse expressions in metal borrowed from geometric structures, folding techniques, weaving and then moving onto rhythmic undulating forms with layering of old coins, the pieces were breath-taking in their Avant Garde creativity.

From wearable pieces to ornaments that were ideal showstoppers of perfection, the designing was of a very high standard. Coiled metal strips, encouraged the designs to move into presentations of brass pieces, giving the many forms of metal an attractive stylish imagery.


Anantaya symbolised infinite and the everlasting circular forms with rhythmic patterns for the jewellery, which projected harmony in form and technique. Circles were intriguingly entwined to create necklaces, rings, bangles and pendants. The garland neckpiece and the giant raised infinite circular one were stunners.


Unfolding the basic folds in paper, the idea retained the complexity with minor modifications, which gave the pieces a very bold natural effect. Accordion like layers were the basis of the collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings - some were rigid and wrapped around the neck or with 3D effects for rings. A rear shoulder harness and a flat asymmetric neck ornament created a stir on the ramp.


Coins were the centre of the inspiration where layering and multiplying added to the creativity of the pieces in a variety of wearable forms. Putting together the coins in tiered moulds or layered for extra elongated necklaces, some interspersed with chains and another asymmetric teamed with dual rings, the designer created an innovative option for ornaments.


Evoking the tribal look in a contemporary manner, the jewellery had a compelling detail format. A fashionable effect of tornado or swirls in yellow metal strips was created and wound cleverly around the necks and wrists. The tribal inspired graduating stripes for the neck ornaments had one of the entries rising in front on the bodice for added impact.


The look was of a strong independent delicate piece aimed at the modern woman who has substance and elegance but loves the various aspects of beauty. Going for the bronze petal like effect on chains or circles around the neck, as a brooch and an angular cross body harness; the designer brought in an unconventional design element in accessories for the contemporary woman.


Inspired by geometrics and abstract forms, the modular pieces used origami to present an image of strength and beauty. Geometric blocks towered around necks, wrists and ankles while brooches and earrings matched the structures of the theme. The draped shoulder neck piece which gracefully snaked down the body of the model created a stunning entry on the ramp.

Sun Jewels is one of the top jewellery brands known for innovation and exquisite designs; When it comes to jewellery, which is designed by pushing the creative boundaries; then the graduates of the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad scored very highly.

IIJW 2014 is being presented by Nazraana in association with PC Jeweller (PCJ) organized by GJEPC and partnered by Knowledge partner ForeverMark, Lifestyle partner Azva, UB Group and Bright outdoors.