Saturday, April 26, 2014

An outstanding outcome of SANGAM Art and Music Event

Sangam, a remarkable confluence of Art & Music was being organised by Artists Shobha Broota & Rashmi Khurana in association with Priceless Possessions.

Sangam was a  5 day camp which took place at Shobha Broota's studio in Swami Nagar from Apr 15th -19th, where the artists worked on their mediums while the musical group “Reaching the Roots” rejuvenated them.  Artists were given complete freedom to create and experiment in various mediums while the musicians created a meditative and experimental environment for the painters with live music. The studio was full of musical instruments and healing sounds each day of the camp.

The outcome of Sangam was inaugurated on the 20th with  a live performance by  Reaching The Roots at Arpana Caur Art Gallery.  It was an outstanding work of art & music by each of the 20 artists as a result the exhibition which was supposed to be till 22nd was extended by Arpana ji till the 25th and a special request for the live musical performance at the closing ceremony

 Artist Shobha Broota shares "Sitting together with artists from similar disciplines this idea ,of sharing and working together in a conducive environment developed. So we (painters,musicians ,performers) decided to work together for a week creating art in a meditative space .Thus, sharing by displaying our experiences with others"

Poonam Kumar, Director, Priceless Possessions shares “The purpose of this camp was to raise creativity, spend quality time with your own self and intimate sharing with other artists. Sangam proved to be a remarkable confluence of Art & Music involving talented Artists and the equally talented and diversified Musical group, Reaching the Roots.”

Participating      artists in Sangam were        as follows, Aditi Saigal, Aiyanna Gunjan, Anuradha Saluja, Arvind Bhardwaj, Deepshikha Mundhra, Kamla Sood, Mukesh Sah, Navpreet Kaur, Nehmat Mongia, Nin Taneja, Parul Chopra, Rashmi Khurana, Shivani Aggarwal, Simran Toor, Sarita Choudhari, Sarita Sachdev, Terry Varma, Vijitha Kotha