Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bollywood’s idol Babuji Alok Nath 'FRAMED' in Nadaniyaan!

If there is ever an ideal 'Babuji' it's got to be Alok Nath! From his effervescent smile to his charming demeanor, he has been the epitome of 'Sanskaars'. Riding on the digital wave that catapulted Alok Nath as universal Babuji, BIG MAGIC will be showcasing Alok Nath in an exceptional manner. Get ready to catch him in an all new avatar on Nadaniyaan on BIG MAGIC.

While Alok Nath enters the Verma family as Babuji, his character will be that of a photo hanging on the wall! He may be dead to the world, but he comes to life in his framed environment. Out of his two son's Nandu and Pappu, Babuji will be seen conversing only with the younger one - Pappu. Gear up for some hilarious Sanskar Attacks by Babuji as Pappu indulges in some Asanskari Nadaniyaans of his own. Both Nandu and Chandni are at their wits end thinking that Pappu has lost his marbles when they see him conversing in think air on various occasions. Will Pappu ever be able to explain his predicament with dead Babuji?

A remake of the Pakistani sitcom, Nadaniyaan revolves around the lives of the Verma family featuring a self-proclaimed writer, his push-over wife a clumsy younger brother and quirky neighbours. With rib-tickling comic situations and a fabulous comic timing by the actors, this is one sitcom that will definitely leave you rolling on the floor.