Friday, September 20, 2013

Arts Trust India Celebrates 100 Years of M.F Husain

Institute of Contemporary Indian Art (ICIA) will be hosting an exhibition on M.F Husain presented by Arts Trust india of his works from various private collections during the month of September for the art lovers and patrons alike. Celebrating M.F Husain’s 100 years, the collection will comprise of 100 art works that will be on exhibit spread over various series and periods of his life. Some of the paintings that will be displayed include his works of British Raj, Sitar, Raag mala, Tribal, the very famous horses and many more.

Speaking on the same, Tushar Sethi affirms that, "Husain was one of the most legendry artist in India. He was born in September 1913, and September 2013, will mark 100 years of his life. To celebrate this legend and everything he has given to the Indian art world, starting from the progressive art movement, after India got its independence, followed by several historically important art events that he graced and led, we have hosted this exhibition to honor his life’s work. To mark this glorious event we have put together a collection of 100 paintings that he has painted during different eras of his career.

The collections include works from the 1940’s to early 2000; the works to be exhibited are from various series created by the artist which have been a landmark in Husain’s life. For all art lovers, Husain fans, this exhibit is sure to be momentous. This is because, Some of these works include handmade toys which Husain made for his kids to play with, when they were young in the 1940’s. There is also a painting which was gifted by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the ex Prime Minister of India to a scientist when the Bhakra Nangal dam was being built. The other works would include paintings from his most famous and recognized art work – the “Horses” series and also paintings from the “Rag Mala” series, the “Mother Teresa” series, “Civilization” series, “British Raj”, series amongst others.  This exhibition shall be the largest show that has been put together in Indian art history and will by itself be part of a historic moment for everyone in the art world to be part of, thus this exhibition is one of India’s most important art events. "

In doing so, ICIA hopes for young aspiring artists as well as art lovers to experience the work of a true master of his legacy and creativity

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