Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Look of Milind Gunaji as Cruel & Mightiest king in 'Kamasutra 3-D'

Experimenting with a lot of characters so far, Milind Gunaji finally lands down with the most powerful character of the year with 'Kamasutra 3D'.

His new character would see him playing the mightiest King of an ancient era. A greedy King who only wishes to have all the wealth of the world and be cruel to all in his territory.  But his biggest love and desire lies in women. He owns his queens and mistresses and enjoys his pleasurable lust with them! “It’s a very different character. I have never experimented either with my looks to this extent nor have played with psyche of the character to this level. However, I am truly enjoying this experience and the challenge of the role,” comments Milind Gunaji, who is busy shooting for the period film at a virgin location in deep seas. Waters there are so choppy that everybody had lots of problem in adjusting and most suffered major sea-sickness attacks. comments Milind, "It is so different from my other films 'Shirdi Ke Sai' that is also currently on floors. I had just finished the shoot of that film playing Sai Baba and came here for this film. In the middle 

I am again back to Mumbai to conclude some remaining part of Shrdi Ke Sai. Both the characters are so contradictory to each other."

So, get set to catch up with the petrifying King with all his greed and yearn and his strong powers, soon…His other projects are spiritual film 'Shirdi ke Sai' and comic caper 'Bhai Ka Maal Hai'. He has just released his 12th Book 'Havai Mulukhgir'.