Friday, September 27, 2013

Relieve back pain and make your life more comfortable with BackJoy Relief

BackJoy Relief is a portable back orthotic that relieves and prevents back pain by automatically correcting sitting posture. The revolutionary and scientific design of BackJoy's Orthotic Cradling System™ allows BackJoy Relief to 'float' the user's spinal system over any sitting surface, hard or soft, for all-day comfort and injury prevention. Its patented Applied Postural Science™ is based on years of research and is designed to be simple to use yet incredibly effective. It is dynamic and reacts to the way your body moves, allowing your spine to sit in proper alignment – so you won’t hurt. It’s three-part design tilts, cradles, and lifts your pelvis to attain perfect posture and a pain-free back. 

Dharmendra Kumar, Director of BackJoy India operations said, “We are thrilled to to offer the lightweight, portable device for the people suffering from painful back conditions, it is developed with an auto-forming action to help relieve back pain and conveniently works on most seating surfaces. We look forward to expanding our product line to continue to provide innovative and comfortable posture wellness solutions to our customers. Millions of people have already experienced the BackJoy difference and are sitting with better posture, now its India turn to feel the difference."

Recommended for seniors and Adults suffering from back pain and back injuries. Relief Model has extra foam cusion for pain relief, more vitality through better posture with better relief, Relieve the presure and trains that aggravate back pain, Prevents many common back problems and for the people with medical conditions. BackJoy Relief activates the pelvic floor and restrict the spreading of the lower pelvis, allowing its six components to work fluidly as one unit. This means that for the first time you will have engaged your core while you sit. You will have increased tone, stability and support. Feel stronger, breath better, have more energy- enjoy life with BackJoy Relief. The Price range for BackJoy Relief is Rs 3990/- The BackJoy is being imported and marketed in India by Ally Globe.