Sunday, September 29, 2013

Now Rozlyn Khan part of campaign in the coming election

Actress Rozlyn Khan who is known as  Sexy Savita Bhabhi , recently visited parliament  house and Rashtrapati Bhavan and will soon be seen campaigning in coming elections. Rozlyn turned quit a few heads in Parliament by wearing translucent white shirt but also stole the show from our Netas. shutterbugs gathered at the entrance of the parliament while she entered the parliament. When asked wither Rozlyn is joining congress party she replied “Sure I am open for campaign in the coming elections. Now lets see what will happen .”

Rozlyn khan will be seen in big boss? she replied  “I m not sure but yes I will be seen in parliament soon .” Crowd gathered at exit gate of parliament while Rozlyn was posing for camera finally was requested  by security guard to leave the place for security reasons.