Friday, September 27, 2013

Samsung launches Galaxy Note 3 in India with enhanced features

Tech giant Samsung recently launched brand new GALAXY Note 3 in India, the latest in the Note product line. The new Samsung GALAXY Note 3 sports many new features to delight its users making it simple to perform daily tasks. In addition to that, it infuses innovative features that help consumers tell the story of their lives.

The new Samsung GALAXY Note 3 features larger and better screen in order to provide the consumers with enhanced viewing experience and more powerful multitasking, and introduce significant S Pen improvements that make everyday life easier and faster.

Speaking during the launch of the Note, Vineet Taneja, Country Head, Samsung Mobile & IT, stated, “The GALAXY Note 3 represents the next evolution of the GALAXY Note experience. It meets the needs of consumers for a smarter larger screen, makes everyday life easier with the S pen and is much slimmer, lighter, more powerful, and comes with a beautiful design. At Samsung, our goal is not just to make great devices, but to empower consumers to truly experience, ‘enjoy’ and fulfill their busy life with our devices, like the Note 3 and the Gear.”

Samsung Galaxy 3 note is enabled with action memo that allows users to handwrite a note, and automatically execute a function or convert that handwritten information into formatted content.
Integrated Scrapbook enables users to organize or track down content and information from various sources including the web, YouTube and Gallery at one place so that users can easily review at collected content all at once.

The Screen Write feature captures the full screen image of the current page on the device and allows users to write comments or additional information onto the captured image.

S Finder allows users to expansively search for content on their device regardless of the type.
Pen Window allows users to use the S Pen not only for drawing sketches or writing notes, but now also for opening a small application window for a true multitasking experience.