Sunday, October 20, 2013

19 Outstanding Women honoured by Aadhi Aabadi Women Achievers Awards

Aadhi Aabadi honoured 19 outstanding women including Vidya Sinha,  Sushma Seth, Maya Govind and Saniya Shiekh by bestowing the 5th Aadhi Aabadi Women Achievers Award, 2013 at a glittering Felicitation Ceremony held in the Capital. Those honoured included women who have achieved success in their respective fields against all odds and have emerged out as role models to others.
 A bevy of important and influential personalities who have demonstrated leadership, universal human values and have mentored the society through service and dialogue honoured the awardees.

 Aadhi Aabadi Women Achievers Award has been instituted to accolade exceptional services rendered by women for the country. It is expected that the recognition garnered by the Aadhi Aabadi Women Achievers Award will catalyze the awardees efforts towards excellence in their respective fields and for others to follow in their footsteps.

 The prestigious award has been conferred to the leading ladies of the nation including – Vidya Sinha, Malini Awasthi, Sushma Seth, Kiran Bawa, Vidya Malvade, Maya Govind, Saniya Sheikh, Ingrid Bouterse-Waldring, Divyanka Tripathi, Poornima Shekhar Singh, Nisha Subramanian Kunju, Shweta Singh, Sukriti Kandpal, Vandana Singh, Manju Agarwal, Alka Joon, Nimmi Singh Bedi, Capt. Kumari Anju Rai and Dr Seema Midha. 

 On the occasion of the felicitation ceremony, Ms. Meenu Gupta, Executive President of the Aadhi Aabadi Women Achievers Award and Director of Invicta Media, said “Aadhi Aabadi Women Achievers Award pays tribute to women who give their time and energy to make our Nation a better place to live. It recognizes and honors women who have demonstrated qualities of leadership and excellence in their professional and personal endeavors as well as their contributions to the larger good of the community.”

Chief Guest on the occasion said “All the awardees present with the wide spectrum of excellence show that there is no dearth of achievement in our country. I am very happy to have been here today since these awardees are shining examples of grit, determination and excellence, and I am sure they will lead their fellow-women and will help in improving opportunities for the next generation”.

Aadhi Aabadi is a platform which signifies the success stories of women. It is the voice for every woman who looks for inspiration. For last 5 Years, Aadhi Aabadi has spoken out and taken action on behalf of the fairer sex of the society. The Aadhi Aabadi is dedicated to bring to surface and credit the women of substance, women who proved their distinct mark in different domains. The endeavor is also to motivate ample talent of the women who have been contributing to the welfare and progress of the nation in their own way. It is also to stir an urge in the potential women to remain consistent in their efforts of making difference and furthermore set a base for others to follow. 

It was during this programme at the Constitution Club in New Delhi that a women-centric Socio-Cultural-Political Feature Magazine in Hindi ‘Aadhi Aabadi’ that was unveiled and presented to the audience. This will be a pioneering effort in the publishing industry where Women will be the focal point of all the features that it will delve upon.

 Meenu Gupta, the Editor-in-Chief of Aadhi Aabadi Magazine said on the occasion “Times are changing and during this change, it is the Women who should take up the cudgels and help in a positive demonstrable change. We will provide a voice to the Women who have been silent for centuries through our magazine – it is here that all features whether political, cultural or social will be seen through the prism of women and all such happenings that will affect the women will be given prime importance. Crime against Women, Opportunities in the changing times, the new women are all going to be intrinsic to the magazine. The ultimate aim of the magazine is to eradicate the social divide based on gender and give liberation that the Women today really crave for.”

The Event - Aadhi Aabadi Women’s Achievers Awards was an amalgamation of felicitation ceremony and various cultural programmes by Mitali Nag, Richa Soni, Parul Chauhan, Ekta Tiwari, Papita Vishwas and Deepak Raja. Graced with the presence of eminent personalities including, Satyavrat Chaturvedi, Mohammed Azharuddin, Kiran Walia, Deepti Bhatnagar, Mrinal Kulkarni, Dinesh Kumar Singh, Vartika Nanda and Richa Soni. The event was a complete package of glamour and entertainment.