Monday, October 28, 2013

Lie Sang Bong, Sebastian Gunawan, Yumi Katsura rocks at Fashion Week 2013 by FIDe

Presented by The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and organised by FIDé Fashion Weeks, Day 7 of Fashion Week 2013, held on 15 October 2013, was amazing, breath-taking and left everyone wanting more. Continuing the high from the shows presented over the last six days, nearly 1,800 people turned up to watch the three spectacular shows by Lie Sang Bong (Korea), Sebastian Gunawan (Indonesia) and Yumi Katsura (Japan).

Lie Sang Bong, arguably one of South Korean’s most prolific designers, sent down his Spring/Summer 2014 collection of very covetable pieces. The proportions, cut, fit and finishing were impeccable. Although in mostly black and white graphics, punctuating with the occasional pop of colour, the collection still felt fresh and feminine. Key details include laser floral cut-outs and the illusion of prints was actually of cut-and-sew strips of fabrics. One of the highlights that set pulse racing were a pair of twin gowns - one in black and the other in white - with shaped stripes that form graphic floral bodices. Simply beautiful!

Indonesian couturier, Sebastian Gunawan, most known for his elaborate beadwork and embroidery presented his “Mod Muse” Spring/Summer 2014 of scintillating cocktail frocks and gowns, complete with matching embroidered and beaded heels. One after another, the gowns got more elaborately beaded and embroidered than the one before, to the delight and squeals of many women in the audience. Key metallic golds and silvers were accented with various cool blues and the pop of turquoise stones for a fluid symphony of delicious must-haves in any glamourous woman’s wardrobe. Absolutely stunning!

Slowly kicking up the crescendo of excitement, the Japanese doyenne of wedding gowns, Yumi Katsura, sent out 35 exits to a rapturous standing ovation at the end. The show started off on a light turn as she sent out several wearable, summery gowns and cocktail dresses that were modern and on-trend with a single crane motif. But what the audience expected of Yumi, she gave to them! They wanted fantasy ballgowns and fairytale princess wedding gowns, gowns and frocks that defy reality and reasoning. And they were rewarded in the start of the second quarter of the show – elaborate maxi-gowns with ruffles, layers and heaps of bling, glided down the runway in quick succession, each more complicated, each with more details than the eye can absorb, each with a dramatic headpiece more stunning than the earlier one. At one point, the audience cheered and clapped with amazement and approval at Yumi’s frocks that transformed from a sexy frock into a stunning gown! And before the audience can catch their breath, she sent out several traditional Japanese kimono styles and then immediately switched gear with a bevy of white floaty and diaphanous wedding gowns that were nothing short of spectacular. Her finale gown is a work of art with a cape that lit up with the Singapore mascot, “Merlion” and the Marina Bay Sands hotel building image projected onto it, while models came out to the Singapore national anthem, “Majulah Singapura”, waving miniature Singapore flags! Yumi Katsura then emerged and walked down the runway with one miniature Singapore flag on each hand, waving to the audience as they gave her a standing ovation. When she re-appeared, she walked down the entire length of the runway and shook hands with everyone on the front row!  Totally inspiring!

Mr Stephen Low and his team from Neville Hair and Beauty, London worked the magic on the clean hair style for Lie’s show, while the team from Shunji Matsuo Salon multi-braided the models hair for Gunawan’s and assisted in Katsura’s.

 The M.A.C. Cosmetics team, led by Mr Romero Jennings, created the makeup looked for the three shows.

 SDV is the official logistics partner for the Fashion Week 2013 in Singapore, delivering all the delicate and high-value clothes and accessories from multiple origins - Beijing, Dubai, Korea, New York and Paris - under the best time and reliability conditions. Fashion industry players as well as the media are encouraged to meet the SDV fashion sector experts from Europe and Asia Pacific, to discover its new solution: iD by SDV. Their booth is located right in front of the Fashion Hall stage.