Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Devi-Devi" An exhibition by Ten women artist opens in Delhi

Dr. Karan Singh, President ICCR with
Art Curator Vijay Lakshmi Dogra
Vijaylakshmi Dogra of Art Indus Gallery presented Devi Devi Exhibition - An exhibition by ten women artists. The exhibition is on from 10th October till 26th October at Art Indus Gallery, New Delhi. The The exhibition was inaugurated by Hon’ble Dr. Karan Singh, President ICCR.  Some of the esteemed guests at the event were Niladri Paul, Harjinder Kaur, Shamshad Hussian, Varsha Das, Gopi Gajwani, Pratul Dash, Chetna Verma, Vasundhara Tewari, and Bulbul Sharma.

"Devi-Devi" An exhibition by Ten women artist during Navdurga  from 10th October till 24th October at Art Indus Gallery is in contemporary context to raise awareness amongst people, and influence their attitudes and mindsets, drawing. The objective of the exhibition is to celebrate the power, beauty and glory of nine Goddesses from Indian Mythology. The nine participant artists are Arpana Caur, Seema Kohli, Shipra Bhattacharya, Jayasri Barman, Gogi Saroj Pal, Kanchan Chander, Bulbul Sharma, Kristine Michael and Rini Dhumal, Vasundhara Tewari Broota.

In ancient tales from our epics, myths and legends there are many manifestations of Devi, each one more powerful and beautiful than the other. Sometimes she strides like a warrior and then sometimes she is as docile as a doe. It seems, everywhere you travel, within and without, her various forms seek you out. One day she will appear as Durga, astride a lion, about to slay the demon. Then the next day you will meet her as the gentle Parvati, meditating on a mountain peak, or you will see her as Radha, beloved of Lord Krishna. 

She is the turbulant Ganga, flowing down from Shiva’s locks and then she is Sita, modest and virtuous.
She comes into our thoughts as courageous and beautiful Draupadi, then she glows like a precious jewel as the benevolent Laxmi. The next day she greets us with quiet dignity as Saraswati, the Goddess of learning, from Vedic times.

In these violent times when a little girl child, a young woman, our elderly mothers, are all becoming victims of terrible abuse and crime- we read about rape every day in the newspapers, see terrible images on television and gradually seem to become  indifferent to the horrors of our everyday life.

With these paintings, these powerful images, we pay tribute to all women  and celebrate the Goddess that lives within each of us .We salute  the elements that have formed us, as we connect to our ancient roots and remind  ourselves that we must be, forever humane, compassionate and venerating in our thoughts and actions.