Monday, October 21, 2013

Japanese Designers presented spectacular show at Fashion Week 2013 by FIDé Fashion Weeks

The Japanese sure know how to throw a fashion party!

Veteran avant garde designer Junko Koshino set the style bar at the get-go. Showing 29 exits, she started with a few ensembles from her latest collection before segueing into a retrospective showcase spanning past collections. She combined soft and ‘hard’ materials with a masterly hand – mixing silks, jerseys and organzas with latex, leathers and felt, with flourishes of gold and silver for good measure. As Junko took her bow at the end of the show, front row guests gave her a standing ovation. Guests were also delighted to receive a beautiful door gift, sponsored by Felice Towako Cosme, one of Japan’s leading skincare and cosmetic houses.

Junko Koshino has been commissioned to design Myanmar’s national team uniforms and will introduce her fashion collection and traditional costumes of Myanmar national races for the 27th SEA Games in mid-November in Yangon.

Immediately after the end of Junko’s show, Japan Creative Centre (JCC) presented a short segment to showcase the outfit designed by top six winners (three from Japan and three from Singapore) of the 3rd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest that was held in September 2013. Modeled by six finalists from The New Paper New Face 2013, the objective of this annual sustainable fashion design contest is to create an opportunity for students from Fashion Schools in Singapore and Bunka Fashion School in Tokyo, Japan to exchange and promote ideas on the growing importance of sustainability and responsible design within the Fashion Industry.

Sustainability is very much linked to the Japanese philosophy of MONOZUKURI (craftsmanship). The Japanese craftsmanship has a long tradition of producing things that are environmentally friendly, taking into account the fabric characteristics and the environment and made things that last with minimum wastage. As we are moving into an era which encourages us to protect the environment and to be sustainable in our living style, SUSTAINABLE FASHION is increasingly viable and rapidly gaining popularity.

This year, it was combined with Street Couture. Street Wear is accessible to all and Couture represents the handmade thoughtful and quality element of the industry which has sustained seamstresses and tailors for over 100 years. The contest was supported by fashion schools in Singapore, Design Singapore Council and sponsored by All Nippon Airways, FIDE Multimedia, Japan Airlines, and Textile and Fashion Federation (Singapore).

Ten finalists from each country are currently exhibiting their garments at JCC until 19th October 2013. There will be a special “People’s Choice Award” to be bestowed to the most popular garment exhibited chosen by the visitors, courtesy of TAfF after the exhibition.

A short break before the next show was given as guests were invited to a light Japanese buffet, while sipping champagne infused with tea and spices from TWG Teas.

Resuming the fashionable evening, Japanese designer Yoshiki Hishinuma took on a different approach. His collection was a poetic ode to femininity and beauty through the use of hand-painted floral and fauna motifs on silks and chiffons. While the clothes hanging on the rack was a pretty sight, they only really unfolded their real beauty when worn on models. Not having casted his models prior to arriving in Singapore, and not having their measurements in hand, not only did the pieces fit, they flatter and cajoled the curves out of the reed-like models. Hishinuma not only drafted the patterns, he also cut, sew and painstakingly hand-painted each garment! How’s that for dedication to the craft!

At this time, it was getting a tad warmer within the hall, and everyone was wondering if the air-conditioning of the Fashion Hall was switched off, and they were right! This was in preparation for next breath-taking act as performance artist extraordinaire, Miyoko Shida, was introduced and she began her act of balancing first a feather, then a small carved stick, and yet another stick, then on one foot, and another stick and another, each time adding one slightly larger than the other until the climax of a gigantic ‘installation’ on her head. Her concentration did not once waver and she ended her act with a deft pull of the feather before everything collapsed to the floor. More than a few gasps of amazement were heard amongst the audience and a rousing applause was given!

And closing the evening with a bang was Keita Maruyama’s rich kaleidoscope of contemporary fit-n-flare ensembles and pieces that were a wink and nod to not take fashion so seriously with his mix of unusual materials – silk embroidery with fringe, crochet with lace.  Standout styles included those with a subtle Chinoiserie hint like a modernised cheongsam or the embroidered caftan-like blouse with long silk tassels. As Madonna’s “Take A Bow” was played, models took the runway in his last sequence and finale, almost like a lullaby to aptly wrap up the evening of spectacular collections from the Japanese designers. Indeed, take a bow, the night is over…

Creating new make-up looks for the evening was Mr Romero Jennings, M.A.C. Cosmetics’ Director of Make Up Artistry, North America, who has been specially flown in to head the team for Fashion Week 2013. Hair styling for the models this evening was headed by celebrated hair maestro, Mr Shunji Matsuo. Matsuo had worked in New York for 22 years prior to setting roots here in Singapore, and had worked with stars like Christie Brinkley, Gianni Versace, Jackie Onassis, Cher, Diana Ross and Donna Karan.

Evening Was a Beautiful Fashion in Motion as Three Veteran Designers Showcased Their Impressive Collections at Fashion Week 2013, presented by The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and organised by FIDé Fashion Weeks