Thursday, October 24, 2013

Actor Satish Kaushik Launched Director Karan Razdan’s latest book “Tantra & the Tantrika” in Delhi

Senior versatile actor Satish Kaushik  launched Director Karan Razdan’s latest book “Tantra & the Tantrika” in Oxford bookstore, Cannaught Place. On the occasion of Launch, Publishers, Atlantic books , Shrey Jain & Ashok Jain were also present and witnessed the event.

Karan Razdan is famous for directing films with controversial themes like Girlfriend (2004), Hawas (2004), Souten: The Other Woman (2006), and the writer-director of  the hit TV series of mid 80s,Rajani and “Tantra & the Tantrika is his first book. On the occasion of book launch he said, “I am debuting as author with this book of mine “Tantra & the Tantrika”, Story in the book is different and I hope people will love it”
Actor Satish Kaushik said, “My friend Karan is an excellent director and he has proved himself  bollywood and now I wish him luck for his book, I know people will like his work”

Tantra and the Tantrika takes you into the world of dark forces and human hypocrisy, before awakening you into the world of truth, where love and sex are not taboo but a vehicle to realize God.