Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tarot Card Reading by Dr. Madhu Kotiya- November 2013

Dr. Madhu Kotiya, Tarot Card Reader 

The Star
Your financial hopes really are to be fulfilled; therefore the stability of your income is a foregone conclusion. You'll find yourself able to put some of those home redecorating ideas into action, and get that home of yours more comfortable and cozy. Sharing your better fortunes with others by entertaining in the home will also bring you joy this month.


Nine of Cups
Lovely! Whatever you're wishing for, within the bounds of logic and reason, will soon come true. A financial boon of some sort will be quite timely, bringing you out of a tight situation and back to a satisfying balance. Then it's up to you to use that incisive business brain of yours in order to apportion that windfall to your best advantage.


Ace of Pentacles
That wish which will soon come true that we mention in your above sector of career is going to be as financially beneficial as it is creatively satisfying. New ventures created out of existing frameworks will serve your financial advancement well. The only trouble could be that others will want to jump on your bandwagon when they see your burgeoning success.


The Fool
You're being tempted to take something of a risk where your income is concerned. If you take that wild step into the unknown, you'll find many of your wishes will come true. Still, you need to stay vigilant, because there are aspects of the new situation that you're somewhat naive about which could leave you open to being scammed.


The Tower
Okay. There will be what appears to be a real belly-up in your financial world and you'll be prone to assuming the worst. Don't. There will be a swift renewal and regeneration of your finances. Some of you would be well advised to get legal assistance to ensure that all matters financial are put to rights. The problems that arise will mostly be the result of nothing but a mistake on someone's part.

 Knight of Swords
Money is there Virgo, and a very satisfactory amount, but November will see you having to go into battle to speed up its dispatch. This is unlikely to surprise you, although it is likely to aggravate you because it's pretty typical behavior that you've had to confront before. Put that energy into getting what is rightly yours and you'll soon find an offer coming your way to enter into a lucrative partnership.


Three of Swords
Strangely, a point of sorrow that arises over your finances this month will actually lead to good things. Whole new worlds of opportunity will make themselves obvious to you and new forms of income will soon make up for anything that constituted a loss earlier in the month. You'll soon find that a fresh start of some sort will bring you plenty of joy.

The Empress
Well, you're sitting pretty where finances are concerned as the month of November begins, but within that prosperity is a touch of sorrow. You may not get the amount of money you'd planned on at this time, or if you do, it will backfire in some way so that you lose friends as you gain materially. You certainly won't be less than financially viable, but wisdom will dictate whether you push for more at the expense of relationships.


Knight of Pentacles
Well Sag, if you take that creative leap into the unknown and initiate those endeavors that will emerge with a partner’s inclusion, you'll reap the material rewards you hope for. Yes, you'll initially carry quite a heavy work-burden, but nothing comes without such effort. The likelihood is that you'll find yourself with at least two streams of income.

Page of Cups
So, you feel pretty sensitive about finances at this time. You wonder if you've perhaps overspent on home improvements or some such. This distress is based on insecurity about ongoing employment and thus income. Relax. Enjoy, and know that there's no real reason to assume your earnings and prosperity will come undone.


Your wonderful ability to mediate and disarm volatility in situations will be exactly the strength that you'll be bringing to any situation where financial negotiations are concerned. You will enjoy a fine financial harvest, although you will have to be firm around your expectations. A change of lifestyle, well handled, will actually bring you more security than you had had previous to that change.


King of Swords
Taking into account the events in your career sector, your finances will need to be scrupulously managed and your incisive business mind will do exactly that. Soon new and better worlds of financial opportunity will open up for you. It's likely that there will be up to three differing avenues of Endeavour and earning for you in the near future.

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