Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Fiama Di Wills is synonymous with innovation, creativity, beauty and fashion. The relentless endeavor of the brand has been to ensure consumer delight at every moment of truth and make them look and feel young. This season, Fiama Di Wills celebrates ‘Be Young’ with Wendell Rodricks. Inspired by the Fiama Di Wills Couture Spa range of Gel Bathing Bars, the brand in collaboration with Wendell Rodricks celebrates the Fiama Di Wills woman who is vibrant and experimental.

In the pursuit of youth, Wendell Rodricks travels to the heart of humanity, Africa. Using a cool, fresh palette, the ‘Source of Youth’ collection celebrates youthfulness. Inspired by the Fiama Di Wills signature series, shimmering Gold is the key ingredient of the colour palette used. Beyond the theme of the collection is a refined, restrained statement of elegant and youthful ensembles. The collection aims to seamlessly blend the beauty of Africa with the youthful proposition of Fiama Di Wills. Wendell presents a new continent fresh with the promise of youth; he presents an Africa which is very different from what is its conceived perception. Fabric has been textured to look handcrafted and shimmering. The accessories are handcrafted with floral and leaf forms akin to the oats, nut-grass and white water lily flavors of Fiama Di Wills Couture Spa range of Gel Bathing Bars.

Nilanjan Mukherjee, Head of Marketing, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited comments, “Fiama Di Wills is glad to present Wendell Rodricks at the Wills lifestyle India Fashion Week this season. Wendell’s source of beauty collection is inspired by the Fiama Di Wills Couture Spa range of Gel Bathing Bars and embodies our well established proposition of ‘Be Young’. “

A delighted Wendell Rodricks comments, “My collection this season celebrates sexy, bold, free-spirited and individualistic women and their quest to find timeless beauty. With Fiama Di Wills I present a collection inspired by the thought – Youth is eternal and so is gold!”