Monday, October 7, 2013

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam to inaugurate Arambagh Puja

Arambagh Puja which is celebrating Silver Jubilee this year will preach for World Peace and Harmony and Unity in Diversity with theme Buddha, will be inaugurated by former President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on 9th October at Arambagh. Started from the year 1989, Arambagh has made headlines for the past few years for its innovative theme and beautiful idols. And on this 25th year of Durga Puja Celebration, Arambagh brings the exotic experience of Kolkata’s festive fever to the capital in a grand way.

Celebrating international peace and harmony and Unity in Diversity  the theme of Arambagh puja is Buddha. This theme also condemns the recent Bodh Gaya bombing and takes you to the journey of Buddh era in its innovative pandal design.

Renowned artist, craftsmen and sculptors are being a part of this whole event taking place in Durga Puja Park, Arambagh, Punchkuian Road, Paharganj, New Delhi.

It will be a shocking expression when people walk into the streets of Punchkuian Road just to see a 64 feet Effiel Tower replica erected 200 yards away from R.K. Ashram metro station. Well, this big fanfare is nothing but the arrival of the biggest festive celebration of the Arambagh Puja’s Silver Jubilee celebration.

Denoting serenity and peace Arambagh puja is erecting an 16 feet tall and 12 and half feet width the Buddha idol is made of offerings made to Maa Durga in a pooja thali. It includes mango leaves, diya, kohl case (kajal lata), brass water vessel (lota),panch pradip and bael leaves, which are considered sacred and pure according to the Hindu religion. The Buddha monastery is created of carved wood and play which give the feel of serenity and peace.
Erected by Gaurang Kuila this Buddha idol is made to denote the convergence of the Buddhist and the Hindu  religions, which have traversed entwined together a long way in many countries. Guranga Kuila in his career has received the President Award for erecting Theme pandals in Kolkatta and this year he is bringing the Boudh era alive in Delhi for the Arambagh Puja this year.

The Maa Durga idol will also be a work of art for the Arambag Puja festival as sculptor Pradeep Rudrapal has hand crafted the idol this year. The Asian Paint award winning sculptor has designed the Durga idol exclusively for the Arambagh and Delhi will experience this art work for the first time ever. He is known to design the idols of of best known Puja’s in Kolkatta like Singhee Park, Ekdalia, Jodhpur Park, College Square and other renowned puja’s in Kolkatta. To have his artistry in the capital Arambagh members have transported this 20 feet high durga idol just to give the Capital a feel of the grand festival of Kolkata.

Pradeep Rudrapal’s idol designs and works are imitated all over the world and the idol of Durga for Arambagh this year will be an exclusive piece. With intricate designs and finishing of the idol Arambagh idol this year will be a mix of traditional and contemporary art.

The interiors of pandal will be designed by Bijan Kundu, who is also known for his creation and handicrafts. He is also the creator of the Bengal Pavilion which was created at the Pragati Maidan. The interiors which will give the feel of the Buddha monastery will be decorated by handicrafts like floor mat, baskets and more by Bijan Kundu. The interiors will also reflect 9 faces of Durga which marks the convergence of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Bringing the era alive and marking the grand fest, Babu Pal who is also known as the father of the 3D and LED lights will bring the pandal to life. With 28 feet chandeliers made of 400 bulbs all over the ceiling of the pandal Arambagh is set to celebrate the festival of ‘Victory over daemons’.  With five gates marking the entrance mechanical light works of Tortoise, Skeleton and more will be a sight to see.
Babu Pal has of late decorated the Mumbai International Airport with his lighting, and he has the light work for the international Dubai festival as his major achievement.

Apart from these renowned names decorating the Pandal and creating a cultural experience, cultural functions, great Bengali food, traditional Durga Puja and handicrafts of Shantiniketan will be the attraction of the Arambagh Puja Silver Jubilee celebration.

Abhijeet Bose, the President of Arambagh Puja, says,” Our only motto is to create an experience of the grand festival that every Bengali’s have experienced in ‘The City of Joy’- Kolkata. Promoting peace with the end of daemons is our prime motto. This will be a benchmark to us and all the Durga puja organizers in its own way. We want to showcase the grand Kolkata Durga Puja with our Silver Jubilee celebration.”