Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nirbhaya’s Family at Screening of the film “Aaj ki Freedom”

Though Nirbhaya has got justice and unfortunately after her death but led the nation to think over the past sinful incident again and again. Nirbhaya’s parents after her death seen at the screening of an upcoming Hindi Film “Aaj Ki Freedom” at Delite Diamond Cinema, new Delhi.
Nirbhaya's Father, Tamil Actor Ray, Nirbhaya's Mother

On the special screening of the film, all the star cast including lead actress Ray and director Don Gautham were present with Nirbhaya’s Parents and Brother as guest of honour. At the event, Nirbhaya’s mother got emotional and said, “Aaj iss film ko dekhne k baad woh bhayanak din fir se yaad agya”, but actress Ray consoled her.
“The main motive behind making this film is to make the audience feel the pain of the victim. Even after the incident of 16th December, the rape cases in our country did not stop but the number of such cases is increasing, this kind of awful incidents is not only the story of big cities like Delhi or Mumbai but small cities even”, said Director Don Gautham

The Film “Aaj Ki Freedom” is based on the gang rape incident happened on 16th December. Tamil actress Ray is playing the lead film with character name “Jyoti” which is the original name of victim of the gang rape. The screenplay, Dialogue and story, is written by the director Don Gautham himself. The film will release on October 11, 2013.